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DAY 30 - Has Final Fantasy made an impact in your life? If so, how? If not, what do you like about the whole series itself?

omg such a deep question.

As a bit of a preface, I got into Final Fantasy through playing Square’s other games (and to some extent, Pokemon games). My first real RPG was Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara’s Adventure (which is the greatest game ever k.) that I got in some mall for 6 dollars. After some research, well as much “research” as a 10 year old can do efficiently, I found that Enix and Square had merged and became the one Square Enix, and I ended up keeping a good eye on them and what kind of rad-totally-awesome games they’d release.

My first Final Fantasy was either Final Fantasy X-2/X or IV. I rented the first two at a local video rental store (Video King R.I.P.), and I was a bit… confused. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in them; the fact that the rental time was only 3 days didn’t really help me getting immersed in them.  I random bought IV Advance used for like 3 dollars and was immediately hooked on the crazy story and really fun gameplay.

After that, I just got hooked on the Final Fantasy series (along with Dragon Quest yayayayay). The Final Fantasy games (and Dragon Quest, Pokemon, etc.) games really helped me figure out what I like in video games. I love JRPGs with retarded amounts of stats to screw with. I also like sweeping stories and some really wacky, but cool character designs.

It’s also kinda influenced my passions. I found out how much I love art and really creative stories from these games. I probably wouldn’t have done a whole lot of art of any sorts if I didn’t come across the beautiful art designs of these games.

To conclude, Final Fantasy games are real cray.
DAY 29 - How many Final Fantasy games do you own?
Physically, I own Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, and XIII along with X-2 and XIII-2. I have emulated V and VI. So about 14 games I guess?
DAY 28 - If Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy XIV were the last games to be made. How would you feel?
DAY 27 - Favorite Scene in any game
I couldn’t think of any other moment in any of the games that gave me as many chills and was as haunting as this ending. The results of the story in XIII-2 are dark, depressing, and orchestrated beautifully. It only gets better when you look into the Fabula Nova Crystallis lore to tie it all in. Bhunivelze u cray.
DAY 26 - Favorite Weapon/Type of Weapon
Poles and Katanas in XIII are sex too.
DAY 25 - Favorite Monster
This thing is all like bouncy and retarded. It’s sex.
Fran: The gods do not smile on us.
Balthier: I like it better that way.”
- Day 24 - Favorite Quote
omg these kids real cray.
Day 23 - Favorite Black Magic Spell
Idk I panicked and pick Drain ‘cus omg free hp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAY 19 - Favorite Battle System
Final Fantasy XIII’s battle system was so perfect mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Even though it didn’t feel as personalized (or even that RPG like) compared to like any other Final Fantasy, it was just such a blast that I didn’t care. It was like a fighting game. Cancelling actions and going into Tortoise at the exact time omggggggggggggggggg. It really rewarded knowledge of the game and it was amazing. Also, the battle theme adfghklnjkladgh
DAY 18 - Least Favorite Job
Whenever I had a red mage, I felt like I was gimping myself (even though I wasn’t really). I felt like omg i should just have a dedicated mage for either akdlsgfnmatrklh;
DAY 17 - Least Favorite Summon
At least in FFIII.
I was so excited to get a summoner class… only to get an ability to flee? wagdfghafhpsamfd
DAY 16 - Favorite Job
Day 15: Favorite Summon
Shiva is amazing. She is all like omg ur fr0z3n l0l jk now you ‘spl0de n0000b.